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Meet the team behind Tamarindo Park

Right at the border of the National Park Marino de las Baulas and only a walk away from the beach and center of Tamarindo is where we are creating an extraordinary community that differentiates itself not only for its eco friendly vision and it’s prime location but also for its quality of construction. 

Coexisting with nature and respecting the intrinsic value of the surroundings is a never ending effort that we pursue with tools like reforestation, preservation and perma culture. If you take a look at the landscaping of our homes such as  the green areas in the first phase of Tamarindo Park you will see native trees and edible landscapes that are inviting for walks and relaxation.

The effort to ensure that our homeowners can enjoy the best out of Pura Vida or Wellness-Lifestyle are of major importance to us. While we are near to delivering four homes to their lucky owners in the next weeks our architects are simultaneously preparing the design for the first of two beach clubs. The tropical modern and natural features will be represented with a restaurant, bar, a pool area, surf board rental such as direct access to the beach.

Moreover there will also be a sunset bar at the top of our finca with spectacular ocean views onto Langosta beach and the stunning National Park. All around Tamarindo Park you will be able to enjoy the abundance of tropical animals and plants thanks to hiking- and mountain bike trails. 

With a bit more than a year of breaking ground and starting construction we have sold nine homes so far. Even though our construction is moving on swiftly the quality of the homes are and will always be prioritized next to the fulfillment of our clients wishes and requests for their personal home oasis. It is an exciting adventure investing or relocating to Costa Rica that includes challenges to overcome. Tamarindo Park therefore has a team of professionals to ensure the process of purchasing and moving is as smooth and effortless as possible. Our clients will not have to worry about construction details like material delivery, construction permits or similar. We take care of all that and allow our homeowners to focus on settling in and getting to know the area.

Quality and fluidity

Now that you know the Vision of Tamarindo Park it is time to show you how we are keeping our promise of quality and fluidity. Let us introduce you to the team behind this truly amazing project. Starting with the Co-Creators that had the brilliant idea and the drive to realize the vision of the coexistence of community in harmony with nature.

The idea for Tamarindo Park was born when Eugenio Román and Victor Hector realized that there is rather little living space left in Tamarindo but a not foreseen ending demand. Given its unique location with closeness to both the center, beach but also the National Park, they were looking to create something that included the qualities of great development projects but with a special focus on protecting and preserving the surroundings.  

Being two local families running the project Tamarindo Park alters itself from other developments giving it a huge advantage when it comes to mitigating legal and structural processes. This knowledge improves our homeowners experience in moving to this tropical paradise.

Eugenio Roman Ocampo, who studied Civil Engineering in Texas AIM University, worked for one of the biggest construction companies in Costa Rica. Nowadays he is not only involved in the construction business but also active in politics and in several businesses in Guanacaste and Costa Rica. 

Victor Hector is an Industrial Engineer who earned his Bachelor in the University Fidelitas in San Jose and his MBA in AEDA Business School Barcelona. He has been involved in various real estate projects around Liberia and Tamarindo area.

One of the key factors for the quality of our homes and the phenomenal home layouts are thanks to the talented architectural works from Richard Mueller and his partner Nayib Robles. With over 35 years of experience in building tropical luxury homes Richard Mueller has brought well deserved respect to his name in the architectural world. Nayib has been working with Richard Mueller for eleven years of which four have been as partners. On site we have Lourdes, an experienced architect who graduated in San Jose, representing RM Architecture in Tamarindo Park. She is of great help when design questions need to be solved both for our engineering team and our clients. Nevertheless Richard and Nayib are visiting the project on weekly basis for inspections and reunions there is now an office next to Tamarindo Park Sales Office direct and easy communication to our homeowners.

Our sales team is formed by Pia Dalvit and Francesca Petrikat who are coincidentally both from Germany and who shape the direct contact and communication between Tamarindo Park and its clientele. Pia has lived in Tamarindo for over six years and is a true expat expert. She knows where to find the best gyms, spas and especially sunset cocktails. Working in the event management industry and later for a hotel Pia learned to have an eye for details but also how to handle challenges that need prompt solutions.

Francesca fell in love with Costa Rica’s Culture and Waves five years ago while exploring Central America on an oversea vacation. She has worked in the hotel industry and in the entertainment industry for nearly ten years and is like Pia fluent in four languages. Thanks to theirs experience in moving to Costa Rica and starting a new life they have the necessary knowledge to assist homeowners in the best way speaking English, Spanish, German, Italian and French. If you don’t find these ladies on site or at the office you surely encounter them in the waves with surfboards!

Our engineering team ensures that every step of the process in creating elegant homes is fluid and always with the highest standard both in materials and labor. Rodolofo Fernandez is an experienced construction engineer and the head of our construction team. He ensures that materials are delivered in time, construction moves forward rapidly and that from start to finish amazing luxury homes are being built. In his free time he is a passionate beekeeper and surfer.

Joan Mariaca finished his studies in architecture and is now using his skills in Tamarindo Park optimizing the construction and ensuring that the workers are respecting the guidelines. He moved from San Jose to Tamarindo in order to support our project. In his free time Joan enjoys mountain biking and making art. Andy Obando who is part of the engineering team too is responsible for the orders and deliveries of materials in Tamarindo Park. He studies music and is a football player and gifted fisher in his spare time.

Behind the scenes but always present and highly appreciated is our administration team formed by Rebeca Fonseca and Maria Fernanda Dias Cerdas. Rebeca has many years of working for the family Cerdas long before Tamarindo Park was created. She has administrative responsibilities makes sure there is order maintained in the financial sector of the company.

Maria finished law school and uses her expertise now in improving processes in Tamarindo Park and creating the internal legal structure for a respectful company policy. She also assists in the direct communication with our clients.

A project can only be as good as the team behind it. Therefore, we have meetings on a regular basis and inspections for more efficiency and highest results in delivering elegant modern tropical homes. Tamarindo Park is set to create a sanctuary that lives in harmony with the natural environment but also supports a healthy wellness lifestyle. 

If you are drawn to a tropical mind and life-set and you would like to get to know Tamarindo Park and its vision please get in touch with us. We are happy to answer your questions or schedule an appointment. This is a unique chance to start a new life with a bright tropical future. Don’t miss this opportunity. Contact us!

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