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The Head Architect and Master Planner at Tamarindo Park

Richard Müller Castro is the renowned architect behind the contemporary tropical architecture you’ll discover within Tamarindo Park. He takes a unique, sustainable approach to design and specializes in overcoming the challenges that tropical climates present.
Richard Muller Architect Pelicano 25 Preset Min
Costa Rica Architect Richard Müller Castro is know for his upscale lifestyle communities 
When you see Richard’s collection of work, it brings many words and feelings to mind such as stunning, elegant, warm, welcoming, luxurious, balanced, and spacious. He shares in Tamarindo Park’s aim to protect the environment and we couldn’t be more grateful for his partnership in our project. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at Richard’s design approach along with the reasoning behind it.

Richard Müller’s Story

Meet our Tamarindo Park, Costa Rica architect, Richard Müller Castro
Mr. Müller’s professional career began in 1981 when he graduated from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. By 1983, he moved to Costa Rica and founded the international architecture firm, RM Arquitectura e Ingeniería (RM Architecture). Now, more than 35 years later, RM Architecture is a highly-esteemed company with a portfolio of impressive coastal properties across Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Mr. Müller and his team offer master planning and designs not only for residential homes, but also for commercial properties, office spaces, luxury hotels, spa resorts, landscapes, and club houses — many of which will be included within our Costa Rica eco community.

There’s no Competing with Mother Nature

Libelula Residence 26 By Richard Muller Costa Rica Architect
Richard’s designs harmonize with nature, both in their interiors and exteriors
At the core of Richard’s designs is his belief system — one that holds an immense appreciation for our natural environment and a desire to protect it. Richard doesn’t attempt to rival the great creations of Mother Nature with his projects. Instead, he humbly and elegantly creates structures that blend harmoniously into the landscape while causing as little disruption as possible. “If we can cut zero trees, we cut zero trees. We touch as little as possible of nature.” -Richard Muller, President and Head Architect at RM Architecture

What is Contemporary Tropical Architecture?

richard muller, coata rica architect
Richard is known for his tropical contemporary design, as seen in his Peninsula Papagayo residences
Richard’s design approach and style is known as contemporary tropical architecture. He adapts to the tropical climate while utilizing materials and styles from modern design. The cornerstones of this style include:
  • Large glass panels and openings: Expansive glass panels and openings are commonly used to reveal views of the surrounding landscapes, let in natural light, and create seamless indoor/outdoor living.
  • Earth color palettes: Neutral colors are used so the buildings blend in with the natural environment.
  • Organic materials: Materials like teak wood, processed bamboo, and cultured stones are often incorporated, bringing a warm, earthy feel.
  • Stilts: Many tropical modern homes use stilts to elevate the house, reduce pests, improve air flow, and minimize the impact on the terrain. With stilts, you don’t have to bulldoze an area and animals can still meander underneath.
  • Insect-resistant materials: Due to the humidity and the insects, the bases of homes are built using steel and concrete, and any wood featured in the home is treated with insecticide.
  • Air flow: To naturally ventilate tropical modern homes, and reduce the need for energy consumption, ceilings are designed high, floorplans are open, openings cross-ventilate, and screens and fans are used.
  • Smaller infinity-edge pools: In elevated homes, pools are often smaller and easily enable gorgeous infinity edge features.
  • Sustainable concepts: Sustainable concepts are often incorporated into homes to reduce their eco-footprint. These can include rainwater harvesting for landscaping, reusing gray water to run toilets, solar energy for electricity and hot water, and more.
  • Protection from elements: Lush tropical environments exist thanks to heavy downpours. Homes and landscapes therefore must have measures in place to protect against the elements. Large roof overhangs are common as well as covered outdoor areas, gutters, and downspouts.
  • Clean architectural lines. Lines within the home are often clean, leaving spaces feeling contemporary and uncluttered.
These principles, along with Costa Rican design characteristics, will be integrated while adapting to the various neighborhood landscapes and terrain throughout the park.

The Tamarindo Park Project

costa rica architect
Tamarindo Park designs include this rendering for Lot 67
Richard’s style and approach make him an ideal partner in Tamarindo Park, a project which he explains is quite unique. “One of the most fabulous aspects of Tamarindo Park is that it borders Baulas National Park (3.3 km) creating a seamless transition of the flora and fauna onto the property. You can find monkeys, deer, Tepezcuintle, Jaguarundi, Oselote, and other animals roaming around freely,” explains Richard. He adds, “The park is meant to be a sanctuary for flora and fauna and for its residents. All areas surrounding the homes will be permaculture gardens and food forests which produce in abundance. There will be enough food for humans, birds, monkeys, iguanas, and many other animals.” The team is already at work, having studied the bird populations on the land. Only 65 species were found where 100 to 120 should exist. Through the Foundation, a reforesting project is underway to introduce plants and trees that will attract the missing species of birds. So far, more than 6,000 trees have been planted. In the end, the total density (including all infrastructure) will be less than 25%, allowing 75% of the land to remain green. Together, the Tamarindo Park team will work together to bring forward a holistic community that nourishes and supports the ecosystem — from the shared spaces to the private homes and gardens.

A Lifestyle in Harmony with Nature

Richard Muller Community Peninsula Papagayo #344.05740 Preset Min
Tamarindo Park architecture will harmonize with our spectacular outdoors and employ Richard’s signature and exclusive style
Richard Muller beautifully brings the “outside world in,” balancing a natural ambiance with the minimalistic principles of contemporary design. As a Tamarindo Park resident, you can experience a lifestyle of elegance and comfort while deeply connecting to the rich landscape around you. Further, by opting for a sustainable approach, generations to come will be able to witness all of the amazing flora and fauna found in and around our eco community here in Costa Rica.

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