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Investing in Costa Rica real estate? Check our plans for 2023.

If you are thinking about investing in Costa Rica real estate, you probably already fell in love with this land of beautiful beaches, rich jungles, biodiversity, eco-friendly living, and great people. This country is chosen by thousands of foreigners every year to vacation, move, retire, open businesses… So you are not alone!

Tamarindo Park is a unique place to invest in Costa Rica real estate. Located next to Las Baulas National Marine Park, it’s immersed in the jungle, and a short walk away from some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, like Playa Tamarindo and Playa Langosta, known for being the setting of the movie “The Endless Summer II”, with Robert August. At the same time, it’s surrounded by restaurants, bars, and boutiques with all that you might need. 

We are also determined to preserve our beautiful environment. Apart from Tamarindo Park’s project, we created the Tamarindo Park Foundation, a framework to guide sustainable development and protect our natural resources, promote community, and support Tamarindo through conservation, environmental education, and ongoing research and development. 

At Tamarindo Park, sustainability comes first: we will preserve at least 75% of our 91 biodiverse acres, devoting just 25% to homes, buildings, and roads. Take a look at what we have built so far and what our projects are for 2023:

Eco-friendly living homes in the making (and selling!)

So far, Tamarindo Park has fully built four homes, while there are eleven under construction. We are glad to say that nine of those homes have been already purchased either by buyers that move in full-time or by investors interested in Costa Rica real estate. They all have different layouts, as we offer our clients the possibility of personalizing their homes depending on the status of construction.  

The best example of our home customization is probably lot 52, which originally had been designed as a 2-bedroom main house with a 2-bedroom casita. As the family that purchased this home had two small kids that couldn’t sleep by themselves, we redesigned it into a family-friendly home with two added bedrooms on top of the main house bedroom, and we took the casita away to amplify the green area.

Four of these five homes have been already furnished. The task was carried out by our architect, Richard Muller, together with SENS, a local interior design company run by women that focuses on bringing Costa Rica into your home. Most of the pieces of furniture used to decorate these homes are produced by Costa Rican artisans and woodworkers, which aligns with the vision of Tamarindo Park’s project and foundation of being more sustainable and supporting the local community. 

More Costa Rican homes for sale (some with an ocean view!), a Beach Club and a Commercial Area: what’s coming in 2023

Tamarindo Park will keep developing in 2023, reaching important milestones to accomplish our vision that combines sustainable eco-friendly living with comfort, accessibility, and luxury. Some of these milestones are:

  • Start building the first Beach Club: located at the entrance of Tamarindo, this will be a hip and sport-focused beach club with an ocean view, where you will be able to practice surfing and yoga, enjoy the swimming pool or just relax at the beach bar. The design phase is almost completed. The next step is getting the permits for construction and building it! We estimate that construction will start by mid-2023, and it will be completed no later than by the end of 2024.  
  • Build more homes: we plan on building six new homes on thirteen of the lots in 2023 for people interested in investing in Costa Rica real estate. The time of construction of each home depends on the design and the topography of the lot, but it’s usually around 10 or 12 months. So we expect to have these six new homes finished by the end of 2023! Some of these new Costa Rican homes for sale will have an ocean view or a mountain view of Las Baulas National Marine Park. So if having a beautiful view is a must-have for you… Get ready to contact us!
  • Build the entrance for the upcoming phases: Tamarindo Park’s team and the architect Richard Muller are designing the entrance for the upcoming phases of the project. So far, the area has been cleaned, and we planted some tropical trees and plants for them to grow. Once the entrance is established, the landscape will be developed, providing a tropical experience on arrival to future homeowners and visitors.
  • The infrastructure of phase 2: as you might know, there is a lot of work that has to happen before you start building a home, like breaking the ground, cleaning it, leveling it, and preparing all the infrastructure that the house will need. We will begin this step for the homes located in phase 2 of the project in mid-2023. 
  • Start building the Commercial Area: Tamarindo Park will have a commercial area with a cute coffee shop, apartments to rent, coworking spaces, and a place for the local farmers and artisans to sell their goods on a weekly farmers market. The truth is that because of its increasing popularity, Tamarindo’s rental prices have gone up, making it difficult for workers and local people to live there. As part of our sustainable vision and responsibility for the local community, we want to fill in this gap by providing affordable places to live and work. At the same time, we connect the homeowners with the local community.
  • Building Paddle Tennis Courts: The foundation work for the paddle tennis courts have already started. It is only a question of weeks until we will have this fun and entertaining sport available here in Tamarindo Park. The courts are located in the second phase of the project.

Investing in Costa Rica real estate is a great choice. Its affordable prices, thriving economy, accessibility from the United States and Canada, and high return on investment make it an ideal opportunity for home buyers. 

At Tamarindo Park, we are building an eco-sustainable gated community where you can live close to nature in elegance and comfort. You can be within walking distance from the beach and still enjoy the amenities and security of a gated community. You can live outdoors and still be a 5-minute walk away from downtown. You can own a high-end home and protect the environment at the same time. We just believe in having it all! Don’t you? Get in touch with us and start making your dream of investing in Costa Rica real estate a reality. 

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