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Tamarindo: Where you come for Costa Rica eco tourism and stay for sustainable living.
For decades, Costa Rica eco tourism has earned praise and captured the hearts of travelers from around the world – and for good reason. (More on that, in a minute.) But, for many, tourism is not enough. They come, they experience, they fall in love. And then, they want more. Travel is fleeting but living – well, we need some permanence from our connections to Costa Rica. These – a love of Costa Rica’s natural wonders, paired with a desire to never leave – are the heart and impetus behind Tamarindo Park, a sustainable community in the heart of Tamarindo.

A Familiar Story: From Costa Rica Eco Tourism to Second Home

Fallen in love with Costa Rica eco tourism and the sustainable lifestyle? We don’t blame you. 
The story likely rings familiar: You’ve heard about Costa Rica. Some friends or neighbors may have already visited, regaling you with the wondrous sights, the wild encounters, the thrilling adventures from their trip. So, you plan yours. You pore over the details, envisioning the waves you’ll surf, the wildlife species you’ll hope to see, the adrenaline you’ll release. It’s shaping up to be a 9 or 10-day trip. By Day 2, you’re enamored. This is one of the most beautiful places you’ve ever seen. The sky is endless. The green is just so green. The people are kind. (“¡Pura vida!”) And everywhere you look, there’s another iguana, sloth, monkey, or parrot. The tourism websites didn’t embellish, this time. By Day 4, you can hardly remember what life was like without sand between your toes, the ocean breeze tossing your hair, and the golden sun to warm the ground beneath your feet. And as Departure Day looms, you’re definitely in denial. Your trip can’t already be over, can it? You don’t want to go back to real life. And then, it happens: You find yourself online, googling “Costa Rica sustainable communities,” “Costa Rica second homes,” and searches of similar ilk. And then, it really happens: You realize that owning a home in paradise is a real possibility.

Tamarindo Park: Costa Rica Sustainability, 50 Years in the Making

Tamarindo Park unrolls over some of our town’s last remaining green acreage
And now, a different story – one that begins 50 years ago, in a remote corner of the world populated by dirt roads, few buildings, and exactly zero phone lines (until 1996). That remote hole-in-the-wall was 1970s Tamarindo, “world renowned” for approximately nothing and yet, wholly charming and full of promise. Claudio Cerdas Zúñiga, a humble man from Santa Cruz, Costa Rica, fell in love with the area and, through hard work and great effort, became one of the first people to purchase land in Tamarindo. Today, Don Claudio is known as one of the founders of Tamarindo. Today, people flock from all corners of the world to live, invest, and develop property in our small slice of paradise. And today, we celebrate Don Claudio’s vision and the spirit of Costa Rica eco tourism, at Tamarindo Park. We are the grandchildren of Don Claudio and, while our path from then to now has been long and dappled with detours, our beloved Tamarindo Park community now unfolds over 400 acres of Don Claudio’s visionary land purchase, one of the few remaining green and untouched areas left in Tamarindo.

Tamarindo Park: Costa Rica Eco Tourism, Wrapped in Community

At Tamarindo Park, you can have your luxury and keep it sustainable, too
These two stories – yours and ours – come together in Tamarindo Park, a home and community born of shared love and priorities: We all adore Costa Rica and revere Mother Earth. We also love modern design and many of the “good things” in life. Most importantly, we don’t believe in sacrificing one for the other. At many residential developments in Costa Rica, you’ll find that you’re forced to give up open spaces and seclusion in exchange for state-of-the-art architecture and convenience. But at Tamarindo Park, we insist on having it all: On bringing both worlds together, to build a community within nature, to make neighbors while preserving open spaces, to live outdoors while only a 5-minute walk from downtown. Here, you will come home to eco-friendly, modern homes that open onto paths that meander through hills and trees. You’ll wave to neighbors whose origins are diverse, but with whom you share similar ideals: a consciousness of your surroundings and attention to the impact our everyday decisions have on the world around us. Welcome to connection and to like-minded community. Welcome to Tamarindo Park.

The Tamarindo Park Foundation: A Promise to Ourselves

tiger heron in mangrove
These guys – tiger herons and their many mangrove neighbors – are a big part of who we are and why we value what we do.
Of course, all this would be a near-empty promise, if we didn’t have a plan to preserve all this that we hold dear. And so, we have established the Tamarindo Park Foundation: a framework to guide sustainable development and protect our natural resources, to promote community and support Tamarindo, through conservation, environmental education, and ongoing research and development. We also strive to protect Las Baulas National Marine Park (Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas), a Ramsar Site and incredibly important ecosystem: estuary, mangroves, coral reefs and coastline. Coastline that hosts a thriving and diverse wildlife, including vulnerable populations of olive ridley and leatherback sea turtles. Together, we will lead initiatives to minimize our – and greater Tamarindo’s – impact on the vital and irreplaceable ecosystems around us. We will preserve at least 75% of our 400 biodiverse acres, devoting just 25% to homes, buildings, and roads. We will choose Costa Rica sustainability and conscientiousness first, never as an afterthought. Whatever we take away, we will replace, return, and improve. And, we will reach far beyond the borders of Tamarindo Park and into our surrounding communities, to lead local conservation efforts, join movements, and lead by example. We commit to enhancing our community and our own quality of life, for our neighbors, our local businesses, and for visitors alike.

Come for Costa Rica Eco Tourism, Stay for Eco-Community

aerial view over tamarindo costa rica
The only thing left to say is, “welcome home!”
Tamarindo Park is a place for people like you, like us. For world citizens who seek eco-tourism and regenerative travel, and who have developed a bond with the wild, the wonderful, the sustainable in Costa Rica. Together, we are building a community unlike any other. (If it already existed, we would have moved there!) Together, we are trail-blazing a community that is both principled and contemporary, at once wild and yet luxuriously appointed. At Tamarindo Park, we practice sustainable architecture that understands our unique tropical climate. We will implement permaculture, tend a food forest, and practice regenerative agricultural to turn our lush acreage into edible landscapes. We will follow-through on all those promise we make to ourselves. This sustainable approach means that not only will we experience a closeness to nature as we wander paths and contemplate the view, but will be at one with our planet in our everyday life. In our homes, not just out. Will you join us?

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