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You are here. And here is home. Welcome to life in Tamarindo Beach!
Tamarindo Park is more than a place to call home: This is that near-impossible blend of luxury travel and tropical lifestyle community, where every day is tinged with the magic of vacation – only, you really live here! And that means, you’ll have real-life, everyday needs: Tamarindo Beach shopping, restaurants, groceries, nightlife, pharmacies, and more. You know – all those minute-to-minute, day-to-day requirements. Only, with an ocean view and under the Costa Rican sun. As we grow, our Tamarindo Park community will have many more onsite amenities: a spa and wellness center, fitness studio, beach club, shops and even restaurants. You’ll also have easy, walkable access to hiking trails, surfing, and so many other Tamarindo things to do. But, back to the point at hand: life and living in  Tamarindo Beach. Because, that’s why you’re here! And that’s why we’re so happy you’re here: to become our neighbors, join our community, fall in love with Tamarindo, and walk softly as you go.

Tamarindo Grocery Shopping

Tamarindo Beach Auto Mercado
Auto Mercado Tamarindo is Costa Rica’s most premium grocery stores.
Grocery shopping may not be something you dream about, but when you live at Tamarindo Park, it won’t be something to worry about, either. We’re lucky to play home to Costa Rica’s premium grocery chain: Auto Mercado (aka Automercado) about 1.85 miles (3 kms) from Tamarindo Park. The beauty of Auto Mercado Tamarindo is in how normal it all feels: Shop here and you’ll hardly know you’ve left your home country. In addition to all manner of local ingredients, fresh produce, and Costa Rican products, Automercado also offers a full range of luxury goods and imports from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Don’t want to make the trek – albeit an under 2-mile trek! – to Auto Mercado Tamarindo? You can pick up some of the chain’s more popular goods at Vindi, located just down the road from Tamarindo Park. In the market for fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as local artisanal goods? You’ll love the Tamarindo Beach Farmer’s Market, open every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. For easy grocery runs and quick stock-ups, other local grocery stores include Super Compro, Supermarket Waves, Super 2001, Las Palmeras, and Pura Vida Supermarket – the furthest, about 1 mile (1.6 kms) from Tamarindo Park.

Tamarindo Beach Lifestyle

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The Tamarindo Beach lifestyle is one that celebrates nature, the outdoors, and eco-living.
Tamarindo Beach and, specifically, Tamarindo Park are supremely walkable: Not only can you walk anywhere within our community, but you’re just a short walk – via our community’s brand-new sidewalk, no less! – to downtown. From your front door, you’re a just 10- to 20-minute walk to Tamarindo Beach and Langosta – to endless opportunities for sun, fun, and oceanside diversions. Predominantly off-shore winds, 80ºF average water temperatures, and spectacular sunsets (with some pinch-hitting from beautiful sunrises) afford ideal conditions for one of our favorite, hyper-local pursuits: surfing in Tamarindo! As we wait on construction of Tamarindo Park’s own beach club, we love heading down the road to avail ourselves of the Langosta Beach Club: purchase a day pass or join as a member, and enjoy the club’s location on a pristine cove with gentle waters. Services include the obligatory beachside seating and cabanas, as well as an ocean-view infinity pool, full-service restaurant and bar, member’s lounge, and wellness center.

Tamarindo Restaurants

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Bury your toes in the sand or sidle up to the bar, at our (and soon to be your) favorite Tamarindo Beach restaurants
Tamarindo Beach is the kind of town that effortlessly draws people to our shores, our beaches, our outdoor diversions. And, naturally, those people need to dine, drink, and celebrate their time here. An incredible restaurant scene – one of Costa Rica’s most vibrant – has arisen in response, welcoming diners to eclectic menus and tropical fare, hearty meals and fusion cuisine. Here are a few of our forever favorites:


Home to one of Tamarindo’s best brunches and the best cocktails in town, Rumors is more than a spot for good meal: This is a true meeting place that gathers together loving family, good friends, live music, and hearty grub – everything from huge burgers and crispy fries, to green salads and appetizer plates.


Pangas Restaurant and Beach Club is one of our favorites for a reason: In addition to excellent tropical fare – and by that, we’re talking wahoo carpaccio and Costa Rican ceviche, pineapple-chili glazed wings and the signature tuna tower – Pangas is an eco-hotspot right on Tamarindo Beach: Claim your favorite beachfront table, dig your toes into the sand, and sit back to watch pelicans fishing for their supper and crocs sunning at the nearby river mouth.

Agua Salada

Spanish for saltwater, Agua Salada is one of Tamarindo’s newest restaurants: Beachfront and sunset-centric, this soon-to-be-mainstay is both wine bar and tropical kitchen, bakery and live music venue. Their cocktails are some of our favorites in Tamarindo – top-shelf alcohol, paired with fresh fruit ingredients (be sure to try the passion fruit-jalapeño margarita!) – and a select menu that includes ceviche, burgers, and daily specials.

Witch’s Rock

Witch’s Rock may be most famous for its epic surf, but you’ll love to hear that it’s also a great place to fuel up! Eat at Joes, Witch’s Rock’s onsite restaurant, is Tamarindo’s most beloved beachfront diner: Order breakfast all day or go classic with more traditional lunch and dinner fare, including fish tacos, fresh sushi, mile-high burgers, and nachos “as big as your ass.” (Their words!)

Bamboo Sushi

With pan-Asian influences and a flair for Tamarindo’s freshest sushi, the aptly named Bamboo Sushi serves all your favorites: seaweed salad and edamame, nigiri and maki, poke bowls and the teriyaki-ed protein of your preference. As much as we love the food, our favorite feature of Bamboo may just be their Hidden Garden: a romantic bridge that leads to a tranquil bamboo garden – an invitation to relax and forget the world for a while.

Tamarindo Nightlife

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Go big or stay chill – Tamarindo nightlife is anything you wish it to be!
The [wonderful] truth is, Tamarindo nightlife often blends with restaurant life: Many of your new favorites will serve excellent, fresh fare paired with live music, dancing, and other entertainment. The other truth is, while Tamarindo’s reputation sometimes extends to the moniker of “party town,” no one’s required to party. If your preferred nightlife tends more toward acoustic guitar than neon lights, to open mic night over ear-numbing rock, you’ll find your place here. Likewise, if you love the rock-and-neon-lights kind of after-hours, Tamarindo can serve that up, too. Because, there is no one recommendation for Tamarindo nightlife. This is a town for every flavor and preference, for all types and volume levels. Our best advice: Wait until the sun goes down, then stroll the main Tamarindo strip until a tempo, a beat, a genre calls to you. Enjoy!

Tamarindo Shopping

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The Tamarindo Beach downtown – an easy walk from Tamarindo Park – offers everything you need for daily life
Of course, there’s more to Tamarindo Beach daily life than dining out and surfing. (Although, admittedly, both do feature heavily in our everyday lives!) Here are a few additional resources you may appreciate:

Wellness Spas & Yoga Studios: 

  • Revive Wellness Center: 2653-2485
  • Spa Maya: 8311-5394
  • Hari OM Yoga & Wellness: 7182-6495
  • Tamarindo Massage: 8810-1790
  • Tamarindo Fitness Center: 2653-1423
  • Om Shanti Yoga Studio BE: 8591-6236
  • ReFLEXion Yoga Tamarindo: 6298-8654


  • Farmacia Fischel: 2215-4419
  • Farmacia Conchal: 2653-0121
  • Farmacia Pacífico: 2653-0711
  • Farmacia Tamarindo: 2653-0210

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