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Tamarindo Park Tamarindo Sunset
Lifestyle is about more than a place to live. The Tamarindo Park lifestyle walks softly and embraces all the myriad things to do in Tamarindo.
Tamarindo Park is not just a place to live, but a way to live – a get-outside and play-in-the-sun kind of place that bridges the boundaries between nature and community. A sanctuary where Mother Nature shapes your horizons and the great outdoors are your beloved backyard and everyday playground. Because, while we’re building a conservation-based community of tropical modern architecture, wildlife sanctuary, and sustainable elegance, we know you’ll also want to step outside your property line. On occasion, at least. And that’s why we chose to set down roots in Tamarindo: This bustling beach town has all the amenities and yet, it’s also an intimate beachside community that lives, breathes, and embraces the out-of-doors. This is a place of year-round warmth and nearly everyday sun, where you can hike to isolated beaches and SUP with the dolphins, mountain-bike for miles and catch the kind of waves that inspire surf pilgrimages. This is why we’re here. And it’s what brings you to Tamarindo, too. So, step outdoors, drink in the sun, and sample all the many things to do in Tamarindo. We ask only that you walk softly as you go.

Favorite Things to Do in Tamarindo: Surfing + SUP

Tamarindo surfing is legendary! Have a blast as you search for your perfect wave.
Tamarindo surfing and stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) are a local rite of passage: A you-just-have-to-try-this (at least once!) Gold Coast mainstay that binds us together as an ocean-loving, beachside community. We crave this surf and treasure our waves. And we’re pretty sure you will, too. Because, there’s a reason why surfing is one of the top things to do in Tamarindo: It’s legendary! Our breaks are the stuff of bucket lists and surfer dreams, of must-crest waves and Hollywood magic (don’t miss the cult classic movie, Endless Summer II!). Even better, it’s not just hype: This is the real deal, whether you’re a never-touched-a-board beginner or a seasoned pro. You just have to know where to go. Luckily, when you live at Tamarindo Park, you’re already in the heart of Tamarindo and your favorite wave is never far away. Beginners do best right in downtown: Just north of the Tamarindo Diria rises a small-but-dependable swell: just the right kind of predictability, paired with a soft and sandy ocean floor to cushion a fall. When you’ve gained a little confidence, head north to the river mouth that separates Tamarindo from Playa Grande: Here, El Estero (south side of the river) and Casitas (north side) promise beginner-to-intermediate waves, depending on the day and winds. Seasoned surfers are truly in their element: Tamarindo surfing is famous for a reason! If you’re confident, start with our famed Pico Grande and Pico Pequeño – and don’t be fooled by the latter’s name; pequeño (small) is relative, when you’re talking shoulder-high waves –  located to either side of the rocky outcroppings near the Tamarindo Diria. Once you’ve made some local surfer friends, you’ll love to explore further afield: Playa Grande’s big daddies; the famed Witch’s Rock; and the hollow barrels at Playa Marbella, among others.

Tamarindo Trails: Hiking, Biking, Horseback Riding + ATVing

Follow your favorite path to your favorite place. So many things to do in Tamarindo revolve around our trails!
Trails are such a simple thing: Low-impact, rustic paths that wend and wind over hills and beside cliffs, through tropical forests and down to soft sands. Trails are such a wonderful thing: Your gateway to Costa Rica’s unique natural beauty and a window into our region’s striking biodiversity. Indeed, of all the many things to do in Tamarindo, tackling the trails is one you will relish with frequency: Whether you’re hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, or ATVing, our trails will lead the way to both old favorites and new explorations alike. And luckily, you won’t have to go far to hit the trailhead. Tamarindo Park’s 400 acres – 75% of which will remain undeveloped, forever! – offer up criss-crossing trails that connect you both to the land and to our neighbors in Langosta and Avelllanas. From the hilltop, descend through estuary and forest, beach and lagoon. Walk, hike, or ride far enough, and you’ll link up with the trails at Hacienda Pinilla and its MTB Park, offering 9.5 miles (15 kilometers) of amateur trails and 26 miles (42 kilometers) for the pros. Suffice it to say, you won’t have to justify buying that new Side-by-Side (SxS) you’ve been eyeing. You now have miles of reasons.

Outdoors on the Ocean: Catamaran Sailing

As far as things to do in Tamarindo go – catamaran mornings, sunsets and any times are a de facto Tamarindo tradition. Even more so, when you can walk out your front door and be at the beach launch in five minutes. (There’s even a sidewalk from Tamarindo Park to the beach!) Morning tours are perfect for early risers who want to squeeze in the most snorkeling, while afternoon sails are a scenic balance of underwater landscapes and above-water sunsets. Private half- and full-day sails are available with all local Tamarindo catamarans. Several sailing operators serve our downtown and with time, you’ll find your favorite. (In the meantime, you’ll just have to try them all. What a burden, but that’s life at Tamarindo Park!) The aptly named Dream Chaser raises the sail on a 40-foot catamaran for daily explorations to white-sand beaches, aquatic wildlife, and ocean sport, including SUP and snorkeling. Marlin del Rey is a fun-must-be-had party boat, sometimes dubbed a booze cruise: an open catamaran that glides through Guanacaste’s exotic bays, stopping for snorkeling, serving unlimited drinks, and sunbathing at secluded beaches. Antares Sailing also adheres to the morning/sunset sail formula, but ups the ante with gourmet dining (vegetarian friendly). Or, go extra-special aboard Playgrounds, a 51’ PowerCat available for private sailing, fishing charters, surf trips, and even overnights on the water.

Paddle into Another World: Kayaking

Kayak into special moments and photo-ops you can only discover from the water.
There’s something about living in Tamarindo Park that makes you want to add a kayak to your shopping list. Maybe it’s the sight of the ocean, every time you do something as simple as pick up groceries. Or, perhaps it’s having mangrove forest and estuary as your backyard. It could even be the sprinkling of island outcroppings that call to you from just offshore… In fact, it’s most likely all these things. Bottom line: If you’ve ever enjoyed the heft of a double-sided paddle in your hands, then a kayak is a must-have for your life here. Because, kayaking is one of our favorite things to do in Tamarindo. It grants the chance to see your new home from a different perspective, to get outdoors in a different way. So, whether you love to paddle until you sweat or are more of a kayak-and-chill kind of person, Tamarindo is your place. The estuaries – a tightly woven web of watery coves and mangrove forests – offer insight into a world few will ever know: howler monkeys in the trees and crocodiles on the river bank, sunning iguanas and bird species so numerous, you’ll want to bring along your species book. When you’re in the mood for the high-octane outdoors, get seaworthy on a challenging paddle out to Capitan Island (~40 minutes, each way) or simply into the depths of the Pacific. It’s the perfect blend of waves, sun, and breeze – the kind of kismet you can almost count on, when you make your home at Tamarindo Park.

Stay Casual: Beach Walks

An overview of things to do in Tamarindo and Tamarindo Park’s great outdoors would hardly be complete without mentioning – nay, underscoring – the main appeal and star of the show: the picturesque Pacific Ocean and Tamarindo’s white-sand beaches. A stroll on the beach is one of life’s most simple, and yet most complex pleasures – something that speaks to our soul and a feeling almost entirely indescribable: The sensation of powder-soft sand between your toes, the kiss of an ocean breeze, the warmth of the sun on your face… and that perfect, tranquil moment just before the sun disappears behind the horizon. This why we chose Tamarindo Park. It is a privilege to live here, surrounded by wilderness but only a 5-minute bike ride to one of Costa Rica’s most stunning beaches. One of Mother Nature’s most spectacular offerings: this postcard-perfect golden coastline, kissed by sapphire sea and crowned by cerulean sky. So, run at sunrise. Stroll by day. Walk your dog in the surf. Take a ramble at sunset. When you live at Tamarindo Park, you have the pleasure of enjoying these sands, whenever you want. This is one little luxury that will never grow old. Contact us to register for Phase I.

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