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Connecting the boundaries of nature and community

A new way of life in Tamarindo Park - Tamarindo Park
A new way of life in Tamarindo

Live close to nature in elegance and comfort

Tamarindo Park is more than a place to call home.

The overall concept of our residential community along with the home designs are carefully aligned with the green footprint of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is recognized worldwide for its vigilant efforts in preserving Mother Nature. In today’s world this is unique.

At Tamarindo Park, we are proud to harmonize our home creations with the preservation, regeneration and protection of Mother Nature.

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Our eco-community in Costa Rica is a place to embrace the natural wonders around us while enjoying a modern tropical lifestyle for your new home or as a great investment property.



Meet the Architect - Tamarindo Park
"You can live in nature, co exist with it, preserve it, and regenerate it and at the same time enjoy it."

The unique and elegant homes within the Tamarindo Park eco home will be designed by renowned architect, Richard Muller. Richard brings a comprehensive understanding of the Guanacaste region’s tropical climate. He specializes in designing beautiful homes for modern casual living that integrate creative solutions to the challenges presented by the natural environment.

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Live close to nature in elegance and comfort